To summarize the foundation of the HANSTONE brand, only a few words are enough: Reaching the Points that others cannot.

For the last 15 years, HANSTONE stone industry, marble, granite, limestone, Onyx, semi-precious and natural stones in general, research and marketing, with the creative staff has a structure that constantly produces current designs.

More than 150 materials form the HANSTONE collection, creating a wide range of projects for your projects with the ability to create them based on the specific needs and wishes of the customer.

HANSTON to; globally identifiable, dynamic, ever-growing young company.


Innovation: to explore the newest, purest and most perfect materials from the world’s largest quarries, to always provide the best quality and to meet the most diverse needs of the market.

Sensitivity: Natural molds, processing with special attention to the needs of the client and the requirements of the project.

Dynamics: HANSTONE provides step-by-step tracking of customers and their needs, attention and support, from product selection to transportation.

Quality: HANSTONE is a special feature of the company. Everything is in the service of customers systematically, ranging from staff trading to a wide range of materials available from stock and from a showroom where the most interesting finished materials can be viewed.

Expertise: Effective skills to praise references across the globe, thanks to years of experience in constantly growing with customers and new targets to be reached every day.